The son with schizophrenia is taking care of his recumbent mother.
Druzhkovka. House for elderly people and IDPs. Сontinuation of a story.

Live from the very beginning.


Tatyana is and IDP from Opytnoye village. Together with her son she is living in the hostel. They share the old sofa provided to them by the neighbors. They really do share it because the son is sleeping on the back and she is sleeping on the part that left.

Tatyana is doing her best and more. She does all the housework. But the hostel conditions are not the best ones.

Pensions and IDP’ social payments are enough practically to cover food expenses. And even food cannot be cooked in a proper way – they have only old electric stove, on which there works only one burner, but not for long.

The hard situation is also with clothing and bed linens – everything was diminished together with the house in Opytnoye. To make it warmer in winter, she unpicks old clothes and knits socks for herself and her son.

Son can’t find a place to work – it is very tough situation with employment in Avdeevka. Now he just helps his mom and neighbor grannies to keep the households.

Tatyana can’t effort herself to buy even and ordinary newspaper with TV programs. Not to miss the TV shows she likes she writes them down on the paper.

We have brought to this IDPs’ family hygiene and clothes, which all fitted them. She is very grateful to Nadya Petrik for clothes. And to those all, who support our organization, for the hygiene.

Tatyana sked us to help with obtaining of the new stove, to be able to cook food properly. If someone has functioning electric stove but doesn’t need it anymore, we will appreciate your support.

Thank you for your assistance!


Dmitriy Shybalov

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