Children in Semigorye are playing in the dust from roads.
During the last half of the year through the mines’ blowing up there have suffered 77 peaceful citizens.

Is it easy to give birth now if you are an internally displaced person (IDP)?


Is it easy to give birth to a child? It is not, especially if you are an IDP.

Oksana is 41 years old, she is on the 9th month of pregnancy. She is living together with her brother in a communal flat, they a sharing one room for two. Oksana’s husband was deported from Donetsk with the confiscation of all movable and immovable property.

The family decided to trial their luck in Kiev and start from the beginning. But they had faced the problem there: through the restricted finances and unwillingness of landlords to meet halfway with “Donetsk’ people” they didn’t manage to rent a flat. It was very hard for husband to find employment and now he is traveling for work all around the Ukraine, to be able to maintain his family.

In order to register in the hospital, the future mommy had to spent 2 months queuing to the different offices and institutions. There were required a lot of signatures and commissions to obtain the permission for IDP to give birth to a child in one of the local hospitals. After the long and insistent trials, Oksana was given this permission. But, after the year and a half in Kiev, she never obtained any social payments.

Our organization is working along the conflict line and, usually, we do not provide help to vulnerable people in other regions. But, having received the application from this woman, we decided to make an exception. We decided to provide support to the future parents. We have gathered everything necessary for the future newborn and provided to Oksana. The IDP was very glad and grateful. She said we were the first one who answered her scream for help.

The Responsible citizens are very grateful to those who are helping us to ease someone’s way. Let the peace prevails in your homes and hearts.

Ulyana Yegorova

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