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We are back.
Slavik is only 22 years old.

Ira and her three little kids

Мариуполь помощь

Ira and her three little kids – are the first family that was provided with our aid on the Ukrainian Government controlled arias.

They are displaced citizens from Krasniy Luch, one year and a half back they have come to Mariupol city. They are renting a small house for 1 500 UAH. Of course, it costs much more but the owners had made concessions due to everything this family went through.

“Our father had abandoned us”, – told us Mitya when we tried to find out how this family earns for living. Mitya is 2.5 years old, he is the youngest in the family. When the temperature of his body reaches 37.2 C the epilepsy attack starts. That’s why his mom has to be always on the alert.

Their only income is social payment. Kids do not go to the kindergarten because Ira can’t afford herself to place even one of them there. But she constantly engaged with kids at home. She prepares the oldest of kids for school for the next school year.

To sum it up, its’ rather hard for them now.

Our aid had caused “grandmother with gift” effect – when little eyes are searching for something interesting there in the package. All the more, the aid that Nadia Petryk sent us really looks like presents but not like humanitarian aid.

Nadia thank you for your support and to everyone who took part in this charity fundraising!


Olga Kosse



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