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Interesting knowledge for the children of Ostriy


In Ostriy there is no school, library or even any cultural center for children.

Children have to travel to school to the nearest villages. And, unfortunately, Ostriy – is not an exception. In small locations the absence of education institutions is an ordinary thing. It is not profitable to waste money from the governmental budget for the 30 pupils.

There is an old building of a former cultural center in Ostriy. But it is half-destroyed. The concert hall is closed, plaster ceiling collapses. Rare events are conducted in non-heated small hall.

Our friends from "Interesting Science" Vitaliy Antyushin and Liliya Karakay decided to make a present for children of this village. Bright and interesting scientific presentation brought joy to kids. Professors Proton and Little Flask had made experiments right before participants’ eyes, demonstrated some physics’ laws and interesting chemical facts. Children were delighted to watch the spectacular show and take part in experiments.

We are grateful to the organizers of Scientific show "Interesting science" from Kiev for such great present. Entertaining events for Ostriy children are very rare, that’s why this team’ work had become very precious. Thank you!

Andrey Beskid

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