Art therapy for children from Druzhkovka city orphans’ house.
About IDPs from Mariupol

In Starognativka every child has its own “corner of safety”


The Responsible Citizens have brought aid to the Starognativka front-line city.
People are still living with “emergency bags”. In some cases – it’s just plastic packages (see photo).

In many-children family in Starognatovka every child has its own corner but not for educational process. When the blows are herd, everyone runs to its own corner – it is the safest place (if it can be named so in measures of this house).
There is now hope for its repair. And the main reason id – “For what?”. Just look at the shell fragments collection picked up at the yard (photo attached).

But everyone in the village wants to manage to glass the windows before the autumn. In some way the Dutch organization assisted them but did not manage to cover the whole amount. But still there is time till autumn.
Now, the citizens of the Staroygnatovka village are looking for employment, they are managing to survive only through their own gardens. Among the 2000 of citizens there are only 100 people employed in school, kindergarten and library.

Medicines we brought were very useful for elderly and disabled people.
Citizens were very grateful for the support. They are all in different situations but they need the same things: medicines, hygiene and clothes.
Danil Antonchik

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