Hemingway through touch
She is two years old and he is seven months old but they speak one language.

In Avdeevka there on one child of the war became more.

новорожденный в Авдеевке

When you manage to help someone, it adds strength and energy for your further actions. When good deeds and events are accomplished, it inspires you and gives hope for a brighter future.

In Slavik’s family everyone was preparing for the newborn baby. Before this event the local hospital was closing for disinfection process. The young future mom was proposed to make delivery stimulation for 2 500 UAH (!!!) in order to manage to give birth till the department closing.

Luckily, we manage to bring Nastya to the Pokrovsk city delivery department. There she was happily accepted and provided all the delivery conditions absolutely for free. And after several days we were greeting happy mom with a baby in her hands.

We want to thank tremendously, from all the members of this family and NGO “Responsible citizen”, to the doctors of the perinatal center Natalya Filippova and Yelena Malyutina for their support to Nastya in such a significant for her moment.

We will continue to support this family because they have more needs now.

There are a lot of good people in this world and I do believe that there appeared at least one more in it.


Ulyana Yegorova.

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