New Year’s presents for the front-line children

Distribution of hygiene and winterization kits in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts


The NGO “Responsible citizens” with the International organization for migration (IOM) accomplished a program of distribution hygiene and winterization kits to 16 locations in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, located near the front-line, to the most vulnerable 2 000 families.

Project background

Today the humanitarian aid’ need is on the highest level among the citizens of the rural areas, close to the front-line.

The population of such locations is being actually in isolation and has no access towards food and non-food goods, corresponding medical services and medicines specifically. The bus connection between front-line villages and nearest cities during the last several years had either decreased or totally collapsed.

The citizens have a very low level of income. People of a working age have no access to the labor market and constant source of income. In most cases the population of such area depend only on social payments.

Private entrepreneurs of the food market purposefully increase prices on vital necessary products, because the local population has no alternative sources for purchasing such goods.

According to the studies, the main item of expenses for the 73% of the front-line population are the food goods (it is 70-84% of the total expenses) and medicines (13-19% of the total expenses). For the hygiene the most of such population is wasting about 3-5% of the total income. There were occasions when people were not using the hygiene items at all as they couldn’t afford them.

The impossibility to implement hygiene norms, due to lack of access to such goods, can lead not only to the separate diseases and lethal cases, but also to the mass epidemics.

Expected results on the project implementation.

The providing of the hygiene kits will allow to implement sanitary and hygiene norms, and will reduce the risk of epidemics development, which characterize a spring period and can have unpredictable negative consequences as for separate people though for the society in whole.

Moreover, the providing of the hygiene kits will allow people to direct saved part of own budget on another more necessary needs, which are not covered through the humanitarian aid provided (food, medicines, repair of the damaged housing, clothes, children’ education, etc.).

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