The volunteer from Vancouver decided to help Donbass citizens
The “Responsible citizens”. Report on DECEMBER 2016

Humanitarian support is getting colored with children’ smiles!


Let’s play?
Humanitarian support is getting colored with children’ smiles!

November appeared to be very active and interesting.
The “Responsible citizens” under the support of international donor had conducted some events for children.

Of course, we follow our traditions and work in a front-line zone, and also in the cities with significant amount of IDPs.

We have spent great time with children in Krasnogorovka and Myrnograd with the entertaining program that we called “Fair of entertainments”. That’s the way the free chose of activities during the holiday can be described. Dancing, sport competitions, self-hand-made things and aqua-make up – everything in one place!

“Creative sessions” in Maryinka had combined board-gaming and evening of literature. We are grateful to the group of musicians from Kramatorsk who were the accompaniment of the event.

But we hadn’t restricted ourselves with entertaining program. Socially-inclusive and psychologically improving events were conducted in Kamenka and Georgievka locations.

We want to share good news with you. Now we have also professional psychologist with us so we are widening our borders!

Viktoriya Antononva

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