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Second book for blind Arthur

Arthur likes to read but he had lost his sight 5 years ago. The books for the blind in Braille are hard to get and they […]

Campaign on funds and materials raising for schoolchildren

Will the six-years old children go to school this year? Some parents decide to “make the childhood last longer” for their children through the lack of […]

Street library from the “Responsible citizens”

Providing of conditions for the society development and youth’ support – are one of our tasks. Places where people can meet, talk, discuss their ideas, problems […]


About Responsible Citizens

"Responsible Citizens" started their activities as a self-organized informal group of volunteers on the 10th of June 2014.

In July 2015 our group was registered as official organization according to the Ukrainian legislation. We acknowledged providing of humanitarian support to people as our new profession.

We have stated that we are taking the responsibility for our neighbors from vulnerable categories of population. In that very moment functioning of state social institutions had collapsed. No one carried responsibility towards ordinary people unless we decided to do that. That was what made us move further and provided an idea how to name us – “Responsible Citizens”.


Non-governmental organization "Responsible Citizens" (RC) is a local humanitarian organization from Ukraine. We provide assistance to civilians in military conflict areas of Donbass region (Eastern part of Ukraine).

We accomplish our activities on the government-controlled areas (GCA) of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. All RC employees are residents of Donbass and Ukrainian citizens. We are all ordinary people who decided to help civilians to go through this difficult period and survive.