“Strange things are happening on our ship” (с)
Дети о войне
“Children at war”

Home for elderly people in Druzhkovka city.


Pensioners and IDPs are living under one weeping roof.

Those people who have lost their houses are living on the second floor of this building. On the first – there are still lonely old people.

Since the spring came it became a little bit easier. You can open the window for the sun to dry up a room in some way.

The problem is that last year the coal heating system was changed to the centralized heating system. As a consequence, the ventilation system has changed. I.e. – since there are no coal heating the ventilation system is needed.

It is very damp in the building right now and the scale can be seen on photos. The same situation is in every room.
No one wants to get used to fungus on the walls. And Larisa Leonidovna (the coordinator of the institution) had already developed the plan and budget for the ventilation system development.

The total amount is – 29 890 UAH.

Responsible Citizens have brought some hygiene kits for old people and IDPs, but detergents will not solve this problem. The ventilation system should be installed. It is very dangerous even to sleep near the fungus.
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Daniil Antonchik

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