книги для детей из Авдеевки
All the collected books will soon be delivered to children of Avdeevka.
They have moved from the dangerous Donetsk to more peaceful Ukrainsk city, but troubles were waiting for them there…

Home for elderly people in Druzhkovka city.

Дружковский дом престарелых

Three weeks ago we have started to raise money for the ventilation installment there.

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We have managed to raise 5 000 UAH already.

Thanks to everyone who decided to address this problem. With your support we have managed to develop the ventilation system on the 2nd floor. But only on the right side of it in the left wing. Even this will significantly ease IDPs’ life there.

Through the still air there is a poison smell in the rooms. I will not remind you about fungus on the walls. Even opened wide windows do not save the situation any more.

The works are going on very slowly and by parts. Larysa and Dmitriy (coordinators of this institution) are raising funds painstakingly in order to accomplish necessary repair works.

Through their own efforts the first floor is already provided with the ventilation system. You can see it on the photo. Soon there will be another one ventilation pipe – through your efforts and support.
To solve this problem completely they require 10 000 of UAH more. This is not as much as in the beginning. Let’s all together give people opportunity to breath fresh air in their home.
Daniil Antonchik

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