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Holiday miracle for Yelena’s family

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We are starting series of posts about New Year’s miracle for different children with different fates, from different places of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Not long ago we have applied for help to you, to make those whom we care about happy.

The first one to express their gratefulness towards your attention and care is Yelena’s family. She is a single mother, bringing up three children. She had left Donetsk. They had to travel around many cities: Russia, Mariypol, Respublica village, unless the fate brought them to the Zaporizhya region. Yelena’s friend-girl was the one who provided the place to live.

We had met Yelena and her little ones when they were living in respublica village. We were bringing them necessary clothes, stationary and hygiene then. The link

There was also a woman with big heart, Natalia Shutova, who didn’t leave this family without attention and responded to their situation. Through her support we had purchased necessary medicines for children and of course so much awaited presents, about which children were dreaming so much. For Daniil – “Lego” constructor, for Anya and Nadya – the doll with baby carriage and a doll of a «Ever After Hight» kind.

The package, which children were opening with such an inspiration, was one of the brightest and pleasant events in such a tough time they have now.

I will not stop inspiring about the kindness of your hearts and wideness of your souls. We are grateful to you for such a great deal! It is hard to imagine how much joy do children feel when they receive presents.

Ulyana Yegorova

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