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Help to gather the money to buy hearing aid for Kirill



Parent of a seven years old Kirill had began to notice that the boy is spelling the words in a wrong way. It is appeared that that the reason for this – is developing deafness.

The family of IDPs from Gorlovka is living in Kramatorsk city, parents do understand that the time can not be lost and had already went through the necessary investigations and consultations among the several doctors. Today Kirill had been diagnosed with two-sided deafness of a 1 and 2 degree, and, for the normal life, he requires children’s hearing aid.

It costs more than 55 000 UAH – it is unaffordable amount for the IDP family with two children, and we hope to help them through the common efforts.

You can find out the details and instructions for the transfer in personal massages or through our hot-line +38066-567-00-16.

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