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Dear friends! Knowing that you give your feedback on requests for help, we have to apply to you again! We have already provided help to little Oksana from Starognatovka, she has Cerebral palsy.

The previous post

Through your support she had passed the necessary treatment course in Truskavez.

She had started to walk just right after this course!!! The active bones’ development had started but it led to the painful feelings in her legs. The pain doesn’t allow her to walk and causes discomfort to little girl. Now to continue the rehabilitation course she requires one more treatment course in Truskavez. After this there will be equipped the orthoses in the Kharkov hospital in order to improve the bones’ growing.

WE need to raise 16 000 UAH to help the girl. We have already raised a small amount through Maria Fadeeva’ support, we require 10 000 UAH more.

We do believe in your kind hearts and that we together will manage to give one person more the right on the full-fledged live!!!

In the payment’ notification, please, mention “For Kseniya”.

1) For the transfer for private persons around Ukraine:
PrivateBank - 4149 6258 0948 1995, the owner is Yevgeniy Shybalov
PUMB - 4283 0802 0059 5447, the owner is Dmitriy Shybalov.
The bank details for the transfer in national currency (UAH) on the card account № 26256975914036.

2) For the foreign transfers (including Russia)
In Russian rubles:
Yandex-money - 410013045014945

Ulyana Yegorova

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