The “Responsible citizens”. Report on DECEMBER 2016
Oksana can already move by herself

Help children draw their dreams!


We have sweatshirts with children’ drawings! Every drawing – is developed by the children living in the conflict zone. They draw their dreams, fantasies and what they love as a gratefulness to us.

The sweatshirts are very warm, comfortable and will bring you joy with funny prints. To chose the drawing you should follow the link .

The second news is that we managed to reduce the prices on all the assortment.
The price of the adult T-shirt is - 330 UAH
The price for the children’ T-shirt - 300 UAH
The price of the sweatshirt is - 550 UAH

All the funds raised from each T-shirt/sweatshirt sold we direct straightly on the support of children living in the front-line zone.

To make an order you should write a personal massage to Anna Panasyuk (VK/Facebook) with the next information:
— your phone number,
— drawing’ number,
— size and notification male/female,
— color (the sweatshirts can be of a three colors - white, grey, black; the color of the T-shirts varies much mote).

Anna Panasyuk

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