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Happy childhood – is to live in the family


The happy childhood – is to live in the family which gives you love. There are children who have family but they live separately.

Our wards are 4 brothers and their younger sister: Seryoja (4 years old), Lyosha (5 years old), Vanya and Vadym (each are 11 years old), and Angelina (2 years old) are living separately from each other in the different boarding schools of Kramatorsk city.

Children were taking part in action #рисуймечты #drawyourdreams. They were drawing their dreams on the T-shirts. Despite the different age they had the one and same dream – to get back home.

Now it won’t take long till the family will be reunited. The one of the main conditions of the child protection services was – to prepare the necessary documents from the granny’s side and to equip the room for children according to the definite standards.

The documents are already prepared. But there are needed 12 000 UAH more (in order to purchase the polystyrene 87m2, USB- 60 m2, glue Rotband for 30 m2, glassfibrenet – 50 m2, glue for the net on 60 m2, wallpapers 60 m2, coating plaster 27 m2, foam balloon, foam gun).

The social payments of Valentina (the granny) do not allow to raise all the amount through such a short period (till 30 of May). Though our own efforts we are trying to provide children with comfortable living conditions and we are applying for your support.

To bring back family to children you can transfer funds:

PrivatBank card - 4149 6258 0948 1995, the owner is Yevgeniy Shybalov
Yandex money - 410013045014945

Or to order a T-shirt

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