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Gratefulness from Slavyansk


We continue to gladden you with a good information about good doings and pleasant events. The words of gratefulness to you for the New Year’s presents are giving to you four children from Slovyansk. Their family had moved here from Gorlovka city and now, together with their parents, they are living in the rented apartment in Slovyansk.

It was very hard for them to move out of the native town. The head of the family was captured for some time and several times was under persecutions. After these the family had to got away.

Our meeting happened several months ago, when we had brought stationary to kids for school. For that time there was not enough bed-places for them. But through the support of not indifferent people, now each of children has its own bed and the conditions of living had become much better.

To fulfil the children’s dream and to make them believe in New Year’s miracle the Olga Dolzhenko, Andrey Charitonchuk and Pavel had helped us. Children had got so much awaited presents for the holidays. The older brother Maxim now has a new great winter boots, Dasha had obtained a beautiful school bag, which she had been dreaming already for two years. Slavik was fascinated the way the Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) had very accurately guessed his dreams and brought him the radio-controlled helicopter. The smallest Viсtoria firstly didn’t believed that such beautiful doll “Barbie” now belongs to her.

Aside from the presents we had brought many other things to children which were provided to us by Ksuwa Rudenko . Children were overwhelmed. It is great that if you have a light inside you are making the road in the darkness brighter to others. And isn’t a joy a one of the brightest feelings and emotions?

Ulyana Yegorova

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