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Free clothes for Torezk’ citizens


Clothes had become an element of luxury for many citizens of the front-line zone. You should save money for several months to be able to purchase even not new clothes in second-hand shop, not speaking about the new ones.

We have already mentioned several times that we together with the OKKO petrol stations’ net are raising clothes for the Donbass population. The volunteers of the Alexandr Romanovskiy’ Charity foundation department in Torezk had applied for our support. Now, the clothes, gathered in Kiev, will be provided to Torezk citizens!

In the Foundation’s office there is a separate room in which people can find suitable for them clothes. Earlier this room was empty. We had brought several packages and the volunteers had classified and hanged around the clothes. Every Torzk and nearest villages’ citizens, who appeared to be in a tough live situation, can apply to the Foundation and wider his/her wardrobe.

The contacts of the Foundation (rus. БФАР).
Address: h. 17, Centralnaya str., Torezk city.
Schedule of work: from 9:00 till 17:00, break 13:00-14:00, holidays – Sat., Sun.
Tel.: 099-001-83-67

We are grateful to everyone who supports citizens in Donetsk and Luhansk regions!

Viktoriya Antonova

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