Руслана переселенец "призрак"
Phantom internally displaced person (IDP)
Locals applied to us with unusual request. They asked for… chainsaw.

For local people cancer is like a flue for ordinary people here


13239302_1114720051928310_7950889241230422039_nIt took us 5 hours to  get to Staroignatyevka village. The road stopped to exist after we left Volnovakha and our driver had to make a choice – either to drive through the potholes or through the field with wet after the rain land.

It became obvious why humanitarian organizations rarely work here.

We were carrying medicines for five families. Unfortunately, we are not able to help many people now, that is why we have to pick the emergency cases from the long list of beneficiaries.

Lilia have been fighting cancer for almost two years already. 13 chemotherapies and minimal positive effect. Now her condition is so bad that it is impossible to continue treatment sessions. She has two children – 6-years’ old boy and 13-years’ old girl. Only her own mom cares about her and takes care of children.

According to what locals say, there are 3 quarries – one zirconia and two granitic, that’s why such disease as cancer is like flue for ordinary people here.

Usually, we are not helping cancer people, we are just not able to cover even a small part of needed amount. We were looking for the opportunity to readdress this case to other humanitarian organizations but now, in Ukraine, no one is involved in problems’ solving on adult oncology. In this case there are needed painkillers and drugs stimulating regenerative process. 13092018_1114720048594977_6375099366676615755_n

So, relatively speaking, giving thanks to your donations, we have managed to buy everything what Lilia needs for the nearest future, including zoledronic acid for the bones recovery.

Separate thanks are send to the “Y’s men international” organization – on the amount provided we have bought the most expensive drug needed.

Olga Kosse


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