We are continuing to help Slavik and his family.
There is no perspective for the boys to go somewhere for the vacation – there is not enough money even to survive

Families united with the war.

Ирина из-за войны переехала из Донецка в поселок Селидовского района - Кураховка

What can make person change his or her way of life? Intention is not always enough. The last events, happening in Donbass, made many people change not only their life style, but the place of residence, type of activities and system of thinking.

Two Irene’s, two similar fates. They are both IDPs from Donetsk city, each of them has two children. Each of them had to leave her native home and move to the safer place – the village in Selidovskiy district – Kurakhovka. Before the war they had different activities and interests. And now they are united not only with the common trouble, but with the common activities and interests.

The women, moving from the city, did not managed to find employment, because there are no such opportunities in the village. But that did not make them sad and they decided to act.

— So what can we do? We need to live that’s why we need to act. I had no idea how to hold the hoe before and now look – I have a whole garden!!! Also we have some animal stock, in the beginning there were couple of hens, and now it is more than two dozens of them. We are having eggs and meat now. In this way we have reduced food expenses and, in addition, its’ all natural production. – one of Irene’s tells us.

Families, moved to this village, have never meet each other before and now they are close friends and help each other with obtained experience. We want to thank such people – they do inspire and give hope! And we also are grateful to those people thanks to whom we can provide help to vulnerable ones.

The life hadn’t stopped, it goes like it should, despite the obstacles. It is necessary not just follow the situation, if you are not able to change it, and then the world will show the new opportunities for you.
Ulyana Zurkan


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