Art therapy for participants of the program “PEACEFUL SUMMER – TO CHILDREN OF DONBASS”

Psychosocial events for children from the contact line

Children, residing near the front-line in the Eastern part of Ukraine, are in a constant internal stress, they are in a risk of becoming the witnesses or victims of violence. Many researches prove that the psychological trauma for children of any age has more deepest roots and the worst consequences, then adults have. Children had not developed yet the mechanism of exit from the stress situation.

In case if the child together with his or her parents had left the territory of the conflict, he she could have also get under the stress’ influence. The memories of shooting, leaving friends and familiar environment, search of new friends, and also the decrease of parents’ attention – these are the short list of a factors influencing on the child’s condition.

The “Responsible citizens” together with the international NGO Mercy Corps are implementing the program on implementation of children’s rights and protection. Socially rehabilitating events are being conducted in locations close to zones of fighting, and also in the IDPs’ communities.
The events conducted in a format of entertaining fairs, film-therapy, game’ libraries and artistic evenings – is an opportunity for children to distract from depressing external factors.

The types of activities on such an event allow every participant to reveal its own artistic capacities, obtain positive emotions form the process and work’ results, help children socially rehabilitate, to find confidence in his or her own forces. The own creative expression can stimulate positive attitude towards the world. Different tasks and exercises help children to reduce emotional pressure and get rid of, even if for some time, from psychological stress that had appeared through the happening events.

Those events – are the opportunity for children to get back from adults’ world where they have to see and hear explosions of the armors every day, to the world of spontaneity and happiness. The state of carelessness is of a normal child’ behavior, the child should not be involved the war issues.

During the events the participants are revealing their brightest qualities, they are studying to overcome hard situations, support those who are near them. Children find the opportunities to hear and understand each other, to make agreements, to work in a team and to set their own points of view through the non-conflict way.

The participants have a lot of positive emotions, opportunity to escape from the fear of the present day, and the main thing – the experience of the recovery from the stress situation and joint problems’ solving.

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