When the autumn comes 270 pupils will be able to do sports on the physics lessons
Art therapy for children from Druzhkovka city orphans’ house.

Equal sides of the conflict.

разрушения поселок Опытное Донецкая область

People, living near the front-line, very often have irrational belief that on the “other” side – is better and calmer.

It is understandable: people need to know that somewhere there are places which are not alike the hell that surrounds them every day.

Where such place can be? It can be there where you are not able to get. Over the “ribbon”.

People in Donetsk very often said that “there”, on the government controlled side, is not just life but fairytale: pensions are paid in corresponding amounts and regularly, there are a lot of everything in shops and supermarkets…

People in Avdeevka are sighing: in Donetsk there are hospitals working, and theatres, and roses are flowering…

We usually do not comment such statements. Alas, we as the people who through our activity were everywhere can only disappoint them all.

Because while the war goes on its hard for everyone. All the peaceful people suffer the same.

And they try to save their lives in the same way. Not once you could have seen in our reports on non-government controlled areas pictures from self-made shelters cut with fragments.

And now – Avdeevka. As the saying goes, find ten differences… Or, at least, one.
Yevgeniy Shybalov



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