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There are several Easter holidays in a row and if you feel yourself capable to create something good – just look at our lots.

Not for the first time we are conducting an auction of works of pupils of the boarding school for disabled children in Druzhkovka.

There are more than 200 of children in the school today from the nearest cities and villages, and also pupils of the boarding schools, which had been left on the non-government controlled territory.

Every day those children are creating the unique works of art with their own hands. Doctors are saying that this is small motor skills therapy for hands, but children don’t care how it is called and just fond of doing this.

As a tradition, together with a lot, you will receive beautiful Ukrainian wreath, braided with love by the Maksimilyanovka’ artists.

Maksimilyanovka – is a front-line village near the Maryinka village. A center for children is working there and the children are braiding wreaths to express their gratefulness to us for our support.

The auction rules:

1. The start is - 10.04.2017, the end is – on the Easter’ day (16.04.17), at 10:00 according to the local time.
2. You can make your bid through the proposing of the amount in the comments under the photos.

All the funds raised will be provided to the Druzhkovka boarding school to cover the children’s needs.
Lot №1
Lot №2
Lot №3
Lot №4
Lot №5
Lot №6

На 18.04.17

The Easter Auction had finished!

This time the lots will go to two cities: Nizhniy Novgorod and Donetsk.
And here are the winners!

The record-holder, not for the first time, had become Марина Самкович from Nizhniy Novgorod. She had got four lots. Two more will go to Donetsk to Игорь Назаров and Alex Shtefan.

During the auction we have raised1 200 UAH. Those funds we will direct on to conduction of socially-rehabilitation activities for the children of Druzhkovka boarding school. Follow the news.

In conclusion, we want to thank all the auction participants and wish everyone a nice and warm spring!

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