Is it easy to give birth now if you are an internally displaced person (IDP)?
Do you conceive about good things you do?

During the last half of the year through the mines’ blowing up there have suffered 77 peaceful citizens.


Since the beginning of the year through the demolition of trip wires, mines and other unknown explosive equipment there have suffered 77 peaceful citizens, including children.

Among them 55 persons had obtained injuries of different types and 21 persons had died. Among those who suffered there are 6 children in the age from 0 to 18 years old.

The most part of these data are stated for the period of July 2016 – 15 accidents. The middle of the summer had become the record-braking on the accidents involving children. Three little kids had died and two were injured.

To compare – during the whole 2015 the total amount of injured and died through the blowing up was 95 persons.

We are doing our best to tend these data to zero. We continue our information campaign on mine awareness in schools, IDPs’ communities and utility companies in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

During this week more than two hundreds of children and fifty adults had passed through the mine awareness course. Every participant obtained printing materials informing about rules of behaving in emergency situations.

If you want your enterprise or education institution to pass through the same training you can apply through our hot-line, web-site or e-mail.

Dmitriy Shybalov

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