Live from the very beginning.
Реставрация детской площадки в Селидово
The playground for children obtained colors.

Druzhkovka. House for elderly people and IDPs. Сontinuation of a story.


Before the some had started there were no ventilation system in this building, through the change of heating system (there were coal stoves – it became a centralized heating). Without the ventilation the walls started to cover with fungus. In the rooms there was damp with a pungent smell. The inhabitants of the building were constantly getting ill. It was rather hard to recover in such conditions.

Through our efforts in the rooms, where there are living 58 persons, 30 of which are old people, there appeared a ventilation system. In those corners where it was fungus before, now there are glisten ventilation pipes.

This project is finished on 80%, the input is 20 000 UAH. There left to equip several rooms in a right part of the building. There are needed 10 000 UAH more. The most part of works is accomplished, there is left a little part of them.

Every day we face the problems which appear to be unbearable for people who are ready to work and putt their efforts. Problems which catch retired people off their guard. Problems which prevent children from healthy grow and society realization. Al these problems are bearable if we are together.

We appreciate those who support our initiatives. We are ready to provide our assistance further. This is our main task.

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Daniil Antonchik

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