The village of Kamiyanka
The center for elderly people and IDPs in Druzhkovka



You have a wonderful opportunity to help children and obtain a T-shirt/hoodie with exclusive drawing.

We have collected thank-you drawings from children whom we helped. Each picture deserves your attention.

Children are drawing their happiness, dreams, fantasies and everything they like most in their lives. Each T-shirt you buy helps children whose families appeared in a tough live situation.

Now we collect money for gifts:

• The book of B. Werber “Empire of the Angels” printed with braille for the blind boy from Novogrodovka (2 200 UAH)

• The room for children for five brother who are living in a different boarding schools but dream to live with their granny (12 000 UAH)

• To pay for the next stage of treatment for Nikita with the cerebral palsy (3 500 UAH)

The cost of T-shirt – is 250UAH
The cost of the children' T-shirt - is 200 UAH
The cost of hoodie - is 550 UAH

All funds raised will be directed on covering children’s needs.

Needs, where children live, can be always predicted: medicines, art-materials, food, hygiene, others.

To take part in the campaign (to order a T-shirt) you should write a personal letter to Karina Efremova (facebook\vkontakte) stating the next information:

— your personal phone number,
—number of the drawing you have chosen,
— T-shirt size, color, mentioning male/female.

The funds will be aimed at aid providing for kids on the GCA of Donetsk region.

Unfortunately, we are not able to support children on NGCA now. THE ACTIVITY OF OUR ORGANIZATION IS PUT ON HOLD THERE.

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