Poverty is no vice
The city in the grey steam

Drawings help children.


Daniil and Ilya are twins. Brothers are living together with their mom in nine-storied house on the outskirts of the Nikolayevka. This is a village not far from Slavyansk city.
They know very well what the war is. Although you won’t find any consequence of it seen on them. They are funny and super active boys.

But you can’t say this about their mom. In the autumn, after the active military actions, she had an insult stroke caused by nervosa. Now she is teaching to walk like a baby but continues to bring up her children by herself. The only supporter to her is her neighbor.

Daniil and Ilya are studying in the 3rd form and visit fortepiano lessons.
They both play great despite the fact that Daniil is wearing hearing aid. The tune and repair of this aid costs a lot. This family has no such funds today.

There not enough money even to buy autumn’ shoes for boys. Situation is very hard.

Through the action #DRAWYOURDREAMS boys now going to school in warm snickers.

We have also brought warm clothing, books, toys for boys and medicines for their mom.

The life is going a little bit easier for them now. The boys had gifted their drawings to us for the T-shirts #DRAWYOURDREAMS action. They hope they will be able to help other children the way other children helped them. And it works!

Take part in #DRAWYOURDREAMS action, help children, wear T-shirts from the best designers.

For participation (T-shirt order) you should write a personal massage to Anna Panasyk with the next information:

— your phone number,
— number of the drawing you have chosen,
— T-shirt size and notification male/female.

The T-shirt color by default is white.

The funds raised will be directed onto support of children on the Government-controlled areas of Donetsk region.

Unfortunately, we are not able to support children on the non-controlled by the Government areas. THE ACTIVITY OF THE ORGANIZATION IN DONETSK IS CEASED.

Daniil Antonchik

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