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Draw your dreams


"Draw your dreams" – is our action on fundraising aimed at accomplishment of the child’s dream. The drawings of children printed on the T-shirts are bought and worn by people from different countries. Through the money raised we are able to present the child from Donbass very important thing – fulfillment of the dream.

We got used to aims’ positioning and now we have decided that we want to present:

✔ The book of B. Werber “Empire of the Angels” printed with braille for the blind boy from Novogrodovka (2 200 UAH)

✔ The room for children for five brother who are living in a different boarding schools but dream to live with their granny (12 000 UAH)

✔ To pay for the next stage of treatment for Nikita with the cerebral palsy (3 500 UAH)

The “Draw your dream” action is good because, usually, aside the presents, there appear to be in addition many not indifferent people. Moreover, it appears that nothing would have happened without their support. If you also want to join to the dreams’ fulfillment than you should choose any option below, suitable for you.

To order the T-shirt

Money transfer:
PrivatBank Card - 4149 6258 0948 1995, the owner is Yevgeniy Shybalov
Yandex money - 410013045014945

Karyna Yefremova

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