“Responsible citizens”. Report on August 2016.
“Responsible citizens”. Report on August 2016.
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Donbass’ children got used to hear blows, see death and hate.

Domestic corruption.


In the end of these two years you start to understand, who really needs help, and who needs just because you give. “If you give them then give me also”.

In our second visit to the IDPs’ hostel on Krasnomayakskaya str. In Mariupol city, we have provided medicine kits, hygiene and clothes to people accordingly to the preliminary developed list.

Residents of the hostel started to come to us and ask the phone number of our hotline. They were saying that the volunteer – Galina, on whose support we were depending on, didn’t inform them about the opportunities and even refused to give our contacts.

Later we found out that Galina was making decision herself on whom to give or not to give the hot-line number. Depending only on her personal attitude towards person. And the tonometer, which we brought in our last visit for all the old IDPs, she to her home in Donetsk…

- Because of you all, the batteries are going low very fast! – Galina was answering to those who were outraged.

Microclimate in the hostel is, to put it mildly, strained. Receiving aid, many of people were, time to time, complaining on each other. Saying, I need more then he/her. It is impossible to solve everything objectively in a onetime visit. It was the most hard place we have visited lately.

We have provided our contacts to those IDPs who didn’t had them, provided assistance we brought and hurried to live. Honestly speaking, we don’t want to return there. But the calls on the hotline don’t stop. There is no washing machine in the hostel. They still need medicines and winter clothes. And there are those people who really need this support. What would you do in such situation.


Daniil Antonchik

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