During the last half of the year through the mines’ blowing up there have suffered 77 peaceful citizens.
“Draw your dreams” in Kramatorsk on the Day of the City.

Do you conceive about good things you do?


The person unintentionally can do good, but also can humiliate and hurt.

Last days we are obtaining a lot of clothes, that we provide to the vulnerable people. We sort things according to their sizes and some situations we face, unsettles us, make us conceive.

By all means, we are very grateful to each of you, who doesn’t stay indifferent towards other’s people problems and provide clothes and toys to us, or deliver it to the special boxes on the OKKO petrol stations.

We appreciate your efforts and good intentions. But, me personally, want to ask, what principal do you follow when you are picking up the things for us? On the photos below you can see some clothes which we find during sorting out. I will not write about my own emotions, in the moment of such things’ finding. I just propose you to look and think about whether would you wear such clothes in case (God forbid) you had to ask for help?

Will you conceive, during picking up things for others, about the fact that we are all People (and this fact cannot be influenced with the amounts of money earned)?

P.S.: clothes on the last photos had cheered us up. We didn’t provide them to anyone, but we also didn’t manage to throw them away. We are starting to make a collection.

Anna Panasyuk

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