One hundred of medicine boxes for Staroignatovka
Responsible citizens. Report on September 2016.

Despair kills as a weapon.


The trip to the frontline brings sadness. It is sad seeing what’s happing there. In what situation those people appeared to be. It is sad and pity that you can’t solve their main problems – to end up this conflict at last and bring back normal life. It is sad that they can’t help themselves.

People, being in despair, don’t want to solve their own problems. They blame everyone and everything in their grief. They live with one day. With a simple life. Led with everyday cooking and cutting wood.

People become captured with hopelessness and become alcohol addicted… No reason to hide the fact that many of those who appeared in such situations just give up. In the beginning people were trying to make up their lives. They visited administration, believed to the words of coming deputies and other authorities’ representatives, who promised them to fix everything in the nearest future. But it tends for three years already. Each time they had to face their problems all alone – forgotten and abandoned. So, it is not surprising that some of them decided to find peace in the bottle.

But even in such situations there is a light in the darkness. Something that brings back faith in humankind. Helps not to go into despair totally. Yelena is living in the Opytnoye village, that is on the frontline. The hose is destroyed, there is no hope on its’ restoration. There is no employment – only her husband managed to find the job in nearest Avdeevka city. Her daughter lives in another city – with the relatives – it is safer so. And she is surrounded by the dull and embittered atmosphere.

We so her damaged house and had frozen. Just right in front of the house, with a cut by the shrapnel plastic covering, there was a clean beautiful flowerbed. Blooming roses. And the ordinary woman, who despite the shooting and despair, was taking care of them.

“These are the flowers. They can’t be blamed for the war. Let them live. It is beautiful, - Yelena is saying, - We have planted some potato this year. We have no idea how long it will go on. But we want to live further”.

When you see such a contrast you start to understand what an inner strength is. What the strength and will to live is. Unfortunately, most of people on the frontline, under the weight of obstacles, had lost it.

We have brought to Opytnoye citizens medicines and warm clothes. Thanks to all of you who helps us, for the funds raised which we used for the medicines’ purchase, to the OKKO company for the clothes provided.

When the war ends and the peace will come, we will have to fight for the lives of those people. Thousands of citizens of the frontline locations will have deep psychological trauma. There should be put a lot of efforts to cure them from rage. To help them to believe in people and country again. Bring them back wish to live and develop, confidence that tomorrow they won’t lose everything what they have and who is precious for them again.

Dmitriy Shybalov

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