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Daniil and his mother require urgent support


Daniil and Ilya - are twins from Nicolaevka village. We have been writing about them earlier.

Not long ago through the sill coincidence Daniil had broken his right arm.

The child was taken to the Slavyansk city hospital, where, due to the doctors’ negligence, he had to pass through the gypsum procedure twice. As the result the arm became swelled and turned blue, and he had to be taken to the Krasniy Liman city. There, the more qualified doctors, had detected that the bones are getting fused together in a wrong way. The child had to pass through the operation and a new gypsum procedure.

But the fact is that the right working arm was disrupted in its functioning. Together with Daniil’s mother we have made a decision to transfer the boy on the homeschooling system, not to interrupt the ongoing education process. Now he is constantly at home and teachers are visiting him.

It is very hard for Tatyana to go through the recovery process. The rehabilitation is going on very slowly as there is not enough funds for needed medications. For the whole rehabilitation course’ purchase there are needed 5 000 UAH more.

The boys require healthy mom because there is nobody else who can take care of them. We require you support this time again.

Ulyana Yegorova

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