33 accidents for the small Pasha.
One hundred of medicine boxes for Staroignatovka

Colorful holiday in Marynka


Some of the locations are reflexively associated with war and devastation.

This time we decide to break all the stereotypes and bring colors to the word “Maryanka”.

Our organization together with the Center on child and youth creativity of Marynka, under the support of international donor, had conducted lively holiday for kids.

The program was developed as the fair of entertainment. Children could easily move around the place divided into 5 locations. Master-class on cards development, drawings on the asphalt, races on kick-scooters and the most favorite aqua-makeup! Children could also write down their dreams and wishes.

What the child may dream about? Someone want a little kitten, or a new toy and many candies. Children in Marynaka, in the “Corner of whishes” wanted the only one thing – “I want peace!”.

We are very glad that we managed to give a peace of colorful and carefree childhood. The main salt of the program had become a mini-holi-festival. Children had painted dull days into bright colors!

Small presents, such as stationary kits and air balloons, were provided to all the small participants of the event. We are grateful to the head of the Center, Alyna, and all the employees for the productive cooperation.

Viktoriya Antonova

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