ответственные граждане установили качели для детей селидово
About a month ago we decided to help to IDPs activists of Selidovo city.
Тоненькое Украина Ответственные граждане привезли помощь детям
Ray of light in the darkness

Children’ T-shirt #drawyourdreams


You have a wonderful opportunity to help children and obtain a T-shirt with exclusive drawing.

T-shirt' series with unique drawings, which are the keepers of children's love, are available now for the smallest ones..

The sizes are starting from one year old. There is also a new option - drawings can be printed on your T-shirts and on the T-shirts of different colours.

We have collected thank-you drawings from children whom we helped. Each picture deserves your attention.

Children are drawing their happiness, dreams, fantasies and everything they like most in their lives. Each T-shirt you buy helps children whose families appeared in a tough live situation.

The cost of T-shirt – is 399 UAH
The cost of the children' T-shirt - is 350 UAH
The prime cost is – 220 UAH.

All funds raised (and it is 180 UAH per shirt) will be directed on covering children’s needs.

Needs, where children live, can be always predicted: medicines, art-materials, food, hygiene, others.

To take part in the campaign (to order a T-shirt) you should write a personal letter to Anna Panasyuk stating the next information:

— your personal phone number,
—number of the drawing you have chosen,
— T-shirt size, mentioning male/female.

The color of the T-shirt – is white by default.

The funds will be aimed at aid providing for kids on the GCA of Donetsk region.

Anna Panasyuk

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