We stopped appreciate what we have.
Is it easy to give birth now if you are an internally displaced person (IDP)?

Children in Semigorye are playing in the dust from roads.


Front-line village Semigorye was not’ economically developed before the conflict, no the situation got worse.

The only comforting services available – is electricity. Through the conflict people had to drink water from the dirty well with frogs. Only through the efforts of international organization people have now drinking water. It is brought to them and families can make a water reservoir.

Last winter they had to burn old things because there was no fuel for heating. They even used fruit trees from their gardens. Semigorye village is situated on the demarcation line, that’s why on the trainings on mine awareness locals, including children, provided us with more information than we did to them. Trip wires in the location – is an ordinary thing. Bullets and shrapnel as souvenirs are the happiness for youth.

We haven’t seen damaged houses in the village. They say they are lucky. The shelling is getting in the gardens or between the buildings.

Driving through the broken road of the village, we have noted one thing – it is rather busy here. The reason is unknown. Locals are sitting at home during the day to hide from the dust in the air. Then kids are playing in this dust because there is no sandbox.

Activists are saying that they did applied to the governmental services asking them to bring sand. People are ready to make children playground themselves but they are not provided with the funds on material purchase.

Oh, and there is one more important thing about children – there are no schools in the village. Pupils are taken with the bus to the nearest location, but this transportation is also works with varied success.

The emergency doesn’t want to come here. Because it should pass through the several block-posts (check-points). It is also a problem to call to the service – the connection is almost absent. To see “one dash” of any operators’ net signal on the screen people should go to their gardens (yeas, where the trip wires can be), taking chair with them to step on it and be hire. There is no pharmacy. There is only one medical center and a paramedic.

The prices in the shop are much more hire then in the other cities and villages which are further from demarcation line.

There is no need in emotions here. The ordinary view on the life in Semigorye village is enough.

The conflict – it’s, certainly, a factor that had crucially changed the life of peaceful citizens for worst. And if there were enough problems before the conflict… the consequences now can be imagined.

We have brought to the village: clothes, hygiene, stationary, books and toys for children, diapers and baby food.

We are grateful to OKKO petrol company and those who are not indifferent towards others’ problems.

Victoria Antonova

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