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Every time somebody is coming, writes down the description of situation and goes way without any result.

Childhood – is the greatest period of our lives.


Childhood – is the greatest period of our lives. Especially when it passes happily and carelessly
Unfortunately, not all the children are growing in equal conditions and can enjoy the best of this time.

Many of them have a need in ordinary things – clothing, good food, normal living conditions and just toys, which bring happiness to kids.
Svetlana and her daughter have lost their house through the shelling, now they are living with their relatives. All their personal belongings were also diminished together with the house.

Valentina is bringing up three beautiful kids by herself. Her son, Sasha, has congenital heart defect, he is forbidden to go into active sports and, as for the ordinary child, he has many restrictions in his life. He likes table games very much, but his mom can’t afford herself to buy them, because the only source of income are social maternity payments, which are not enough even to feed the family.
Our visit to families with many children from Dzrzhinsk made all children happy. We have brought them hygiene kits, clothing, toys that was sent by our friends from abroad with concern about small citizens of our country.
We are very grateful to all the participants of this action on our wards’ support. This proves one more time that in our world there are people with hearts of gold and together we can make it better.


Olga Kosse

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