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Believe in yourself


One of the most important type of humanitarian aid, which we try to provide as often as possible, is to create conditions to people so they can help themselves, to obtain the feeling of confidence in their own forces.

Ludmila – is a very talented artist and a good person. We have met her last year’ autumn on one of our events organized for children. That’s the way our friendship had started which further become a fruitful working cooperation.

Almost half a year we are conducting a project on social adaptation for children residing in the front-line zones. Luda is taking an active part in it, she is helping us to organize children’ evets. Luda is such kind of person who is always ready to help you. Even if she will get to know about the event the night before it.

The artist with a beautiful smile becomes the main guest at the event for children. The longest que lines up mainly to her, to the aqua-make up zone – the drawings on the face and body. If the event is ended, Luda stays on her working place unless the last child will go back home with a happiness and strong unwillingness to wash her or his face today in the evening.

In measure of our project activities in cooperation with our international partners we have an opportunity to pay for the work of such talented people. Due to such opportunity Luda had obtained an opportunity to fulfill a dream of her little sonny. The mother had managed to by her son, David, the bicycle he dreamt about for long time! And what can be more magnificent then the smile of your own happy child?

PS: Luda, thank you very much, we are really appreciating our friendship and cooperation!

Victoria Antonova

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