Psychosocial events for children from the contact line

Art therapy for participants of the program “PEACEFUL SUMMER – TO CHILDREN OF DONBASS”


The humanitarian foundation of Rinat Akhmetov has been implementing the project “Peaceful Summer – to Children of Donbass”, starting 2015. Every summer, children aged 8-14 years living in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, including contact line and temporarily uncontrolled territories of Ukraine, can get a ticket to the children’s summer camp.


The project contains health and rehabilitation components. Psychologists and art therapists worked with children. During the project, about 4000 children took part in it.


The team of the NGO “Responsible Citizens” became the partner of the project “Peaceful Summer – to the Children of Donbass” for two seasons: in 2018 and 2019. Our experts conducted art therapy classes for the project participants, as well as educational creative master classes. For 2 seasons of work, classes were held for more than 1000 children.


The results of master classes were the psychological rehabilitation of participants, the acquisition of new skills. Also works done by children were presented at exhibitions, in printed and media materials.


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