разрушения поселок Опытное Донецкая область
Equal sides of the conflict.
In Starognativka every child has its own “corner of safety”

Art therapy for children from Druzhkovka city orphans’ house.


Do you remember hand-made articles of pupils from Shakhtarsk city orphans’ house for the disabled children?

That gave us the idea then to conduct an auction in our grope.

Now we have visited similar place in Druzhkovka. And there we have met children from Shakhtarsk. (We have written that the most part of children was evacuated to Druzhkovka in 2014)

Today in this orphans’ hose for disabled children more than 200 of pupils on the constant basis. They have reached significant success in art therapy. Just look the video. The quality impresses and that is not the limit yet, – children are saying themselves.

Responsible citizens have brought necessary art materials to this institution. And soon we’ll see them working.
All this is made with the aim not to stop such necessary working therapy useful for children. So they could improve their skills. And they really have hands made of gold.


Danil Antonchik


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