She managed to get children out from the classroom and saved them. But didn’t manage to save herself
Дружковский дом престарелых
Home for elderly people in Druzhkovka city.

All the collected books will soon be delivered to children of Avdeevka.

книги для детей из Авдеевки

Not long ago we have been asking you to provide books for children from Zaycevo village.

We are grateful to everyone who participated!

We have received about hundred of books and several dozens of developing games. It is even more than we required, but we already know whom we will provide them. In the nearest time all the packages will reach their receivers – it would be IDP and local children whose childhood was destroyed through war.

On this week children of Avdeevka will enjoy books and games.

Thank you once again for your participation in life of ATO zone’ children!

If you’ll have any other opportunity to share something useful with our smallest ones, we always will be grateful to Your support!

You can find reports on our visits in Facebook and Vkontaktе groups, and also on our web-site: http://responsiblecitizens.org/.

Dmitriy Shybalov 

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