Volunteer group activity


The recovery towards peaceful life is in the activists’ hands.

In each locality we have visited there were activists who are the main force of the community. This force is usually more productive than local authorities. […]

They have moved from the dangerous Donetsk to more peaceful Ukrainsk city, but troubles were waiting for them there…

Citizens in front-line cities and villages have one calamity but each of them are unhappy in his/her own way. This week we have visited several families […]
Дружковский дом престарелых

Home for elderly people in Druzhkovka city.

Three weeks ago we have started to raise money for the ventilation installment there. We have managed to raise 5 000 UAH already. Thanks to everyone […]
книги для детей из Авдеевки

All the collected books will soon be delivered to children of Avdeevka.

Not long ago we have been asking you to provide books for children from Zaycevo village. We are grateful to everyone who participated! We have received […]

She managed to get children out from the classroom and saved them. But didn’t manage to save herself

The citizen of Zaycevo village of Bakhmut district, Alla, got under the shelling far before this war. Ten years ago, in a former Artemovsk city, the […]

People’s stories which inspire.

There are different stories on beneficiaries. Unfortunately, not all the beneficiaries are using provided for their families’ benefit. For example, some careless parents change the kids’ […]

We need your support

Through the specification of our work we raise funds in order to provide assistance to our compatriots, who appeared to be in a tough situation. And, […]
Марина Черенкова. Истории задержания

The seventh story. Part two.

The war wakens up totally different society’ levels. The representatives of each (classes) have totally different motivation. And when several classes appear to be locked in […]

About IDPs from Mariupol

Mariupol. The hostel, where for about two years have been living the IDPs from Donetsk city, Krasnogorovka village, Maryinka village, Shakhtarsk city, is in unlivable state. […]

In Staroygnatovka every child has its own “corner of safety”

The Responsible Citizens have brought aid to the Staroygnatovka front-line city. People are still living with “emergency bags”. In some cases – it’s just plastic packages […]

Art therapy for children from Druzhkovka city orphans’ house.

Do you remember hand-made articles of pupils from Shakhtarsk city orphans’ house for the disabled children? That gave us the idea then to conduct an auction […]
разрушения поселок Опытное Донецкая область

Equal sides of the conflict.

People, living near the front-line, very often have irrational belief that on the “other” side – is better and calmer. It is understandable: people need to […]