Volunteer group activity

Здесь живут люди. Водяное. Тоненькое. АТО

People are living here!

This time we have come to Opytnoye village with the long route – through the Tonenkoye and Vodyanoye villages. The bypass road was shelled several days […]
Реставрация детской площадки в Селидово

The playground for children obtained colors.

There a lot of IDPs now in Selidovo city. For their families the city has become their temporary home. There are many children here, but there […]

Druzhkovka. House for elderly people and IDPs. Сontinuation of a story.

Before the some had started there were no ventilation system in this building, through the change of heating system (there were coal stoves – it became […]

Live from the very beginning.

Tatyana is and IDP from Opytnoye village. Together with her son she is living in the hostel. They share the old sofa provided to them by […]

The son with schizophrenia is taking care of his recumbent mother.

Nikolay lives with his mother – Larysa. In May 2016 she had an apoplectic attack. Now she is bedridden. The young man has particular psycho features. […]

Responsible citizens have started cooperation with petrol company “OKKO”

This month we have started to cooperate with petrol company “OKKO” As the result, there is held the collecting process of clothing, shoes, books, stationary on […]

Reciprocity on the war.

We have a good friend who constantly sends us parcels with medicines. This is rather significant assistance and, when we have been working in Donetsk, we […]

She is two years old and he is seven months old but they speak one language.

Little Nastya has Down’s syndrome. Katherine – Nastya’s mother – is bringing up her daughter and son on her own. Their father had left them. Now […]
новорожденный в Авдеевке

In Avdeevka there on one child of the war became more.

When you manage to help someone, it adds strength and energy for your further actions. When good deeds and events are accomplished, it inspires you and […]

Hemingway through touch

— Why Hemingway? — I have decided that, if such book is hard to find and it is expensive, I didn’t want it to be just […]
июль пример 2 стр en

NGO “Responsible citizens”. Report on July 2016

Only during this month 104 families have received support from our organization. The main attention was payed to the front-line. Among the villages there are Opytnoye, […]
Кураховка. Помощь мирным жителям

Stay away from fraudsters!

Kurakhovka village. The explosions are herd in the village although there are no military actions here. They are held in other nearest localities. The frauds and […]