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Work for food or nowadays reality.

Through the migration service dispense, Yelena together with her kids got into the hostel for the most vulnerable categories of population. For one year and a […]
Тоненькое Украина Ответственные граждане привезли помощь детям

Ray of light in the darkness

It happens that in the darkest and impassable thicket there are blossom the most beautiful flowers. Or through the thick asphalt, in the middle of the […]

Children’ T-shirt #drawyourdreams

T-shirt’ series with unique drawings, which are the keepers of children’s love, are available now for the smallest ones. The sizes are starting from one year […]
ответственные граждане установили качели для детей селидово

About a month ago we decided to help to IDPs activists of Selidovo city.

About a month ago we decided to help to IDPs activists of Selidovo city. Link to the previous post: The result was not long expected and […]
o nas 12

Donbass’ children got used to hear blows, see death and hate.

Maryinka and Nikishino. Now those locations are on the opposite sides of the front-line. What can unite them? Ruins, fear and misery – unfortunately, mainly those […]

Domestic corruption.

In the end of these two years you start to understand, who really needs help, and who needs just because you give. “If you give them […]
“Responsible citizens”. Report on August 2016.

“Responsible citizens”. Report on August 2016.

During the August 2016 more than 130 families from Donetsk and Luhansk regions received our assistance. Our special attention, as it was before, was paid to […]
Дмитрий Шибалов Ответственные Граждане

Pervomayskoye village. The peace and the war

Pervomayskoye is situated 15 km from Donetsk city. Before all this the life of the village was straightly connected with a million-city. Local was working in […]

This year the kids from some families will not go to school.

When children become six years old they should here their first school bell calling them to visit the lesson and sit down at the desk. But […]

People got used to live in fear.

Krasnogorovka city. Some parts of the city have become ghostly empty. Solnechniy micro district. In the middle of July there was a straight shelling into nine-stored […]
Ульяна Егорова. Ответственные Граждане

Pillow and a pair of shoes – all that was saved

Masha is an internally displaced person from Opytnoye village, she is living together with her granny in Avdeevka city. She is disabled from her childhood. When […]
аптечки для Староигнатовки Донецкой области

Medicine box for Starognatovka village.

It is rather hard to get to Starognatovka village. Absence of roads! Moreover, the village is on the front-line. The nearest location is Novogrigoryevka. That’s why […]