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33 accidents for the small Pasha.


«Pasha needs help in obtaining skills on self-care. It is hard for the child to go in contact with adults. Communicative function is damaged. He doesn’t recognize the expediency of his own actions. Socially-domestic orientation is restricted. Vocabulary is not developed. Low working capacity. High level of fatigue» - such are the results of educating, logopedics and psychologic researches on Pavlik’s condition.

Not long ago the development of this child had stopped. The reason for this has become the fall from the height and hard head blow. Pasha is surrounded by the women’s attention. He is living with his mom, Olga, older sister, granny and grand-granny. The family had moved from Donetsk to Slovyansk city through the loss of their house in their native town.

When we have come to the family with humanitarian assistance, we were surprised that one child is able to make so much noise and attract the same amount of attention. Pasha was very active, his mom couldn’t leave him for a second worrying that he could harm himself or anyone else.

The child need complete and expensive medical investigation which his family cannot afford. The only one employed – is granny. She is a school teacher. His mom devotes all her time to him and to grand-granny, who suffers from Alzheimer decease. The situation is very hard, the family even cannot buy new clothes or bed linens.

During this visit the “Responsible citizens” had brought to the family hygiene, toys, developing guides, clothes and medicines. This family is very grateful to those who supports them. We will continue to support this family.

We are asking everyone, who has an opportunity, to help Pavlik to obtain medical support. For the medical investigation in Kharkov city there are needed 5 000 of UAH.

Ulyana Yegorova

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